The Bar

The bar with the hippest dj sets, will feature the whimsical cocktails of Teo Spiropoulos, Greek Bartender of the Year 2014, and among the top 50 worldwide, and his colleague Thanos Kribouras, bar-manager of ARK. These 2 renowned mixologists were able to add a touch of Greece to some of the cocktails that they created for ARK. Famous classic cocktails had some of their main ingredients replaced by traditional Greek products. Therefore, Mai Tai is re-invented with traditional orgeat, Corfu’s famous kumquat, bergamot and lemon from Peloponnesos whereas our beloved Margarita is now filled with pollen from Greek apiaries, tangerine from Arta and smoked salt from Cyprus.

A wide variety of choices in a beautiful set-up. That is what ARK’s bar is all about!