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ARK is the latest venture of Papatheoharis Group of Companies. The company successfully operates in the field of leisure, recreation and tourism for over four decades.

Pioneer in the field of entertainment, Papatheoharis Group of Companies operates in 3 central locations (Syngrou av. – Diogenis complex, Peiraios str. – Pantheon complex, Poseidonos av. – Asteras Glyfadas) with several winter and summer venues.

Always ahead of the trends, the challenges and the demands of the market, Papatheoharis Group plans and implements unique services that respond to the special needs and desires of its associates. The stable development of the Group and the differentiating strategy has leaded to high brand loyalty and a distinctive brand recognition. Papatheoharis Group is equivalent to quality, innovation and respect towards our customers.

ARK is a part of the AsterasComplex. Learn More